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Acrylic Bending Machine

Acrylic bending machines are increasingly used in decorative engineering, sign making, package square columns, door and window, display cabinets, fish tank edging, supermarket shelves, curtain walls, large light boxes and other acrylic or plastic sheet bending. Our hot bending machine is small in size, multi-functional, easy to carry and easy to operate. At the same time, it also solves the problem for users who want to buy an acrylic hot bending machine but do not want to occupy too much area of the store.
This equipment has a uniform temperature and can be cooled by water circulation. Its temperature is adjustable, it is light and practical, and it saves space. It can bend plastic sheets of various materials. If the thickness of the sheet exceeds 6 mm, two heaters can be used to heat up and down at the same time. It is also possible to combine multiple heaters to heat a plurality of bend points at once; if the plate is thicker, the groove can be grooved, so that the product can be folded. And it looks more beautiful. You can adapt to local conditions and use it flexibly.
The acrylic hot bending machine is compact in structure and reasonable in design. It can be used in combination with the workbench or it can be used alone to save space. There is water circulation cooling on both sides of the heating pipe to ensure that there is no thermal deformation except for the part to be heated. The power supply and the water pipe are respectively connected at both ends, and the water and electricity separation is safe and intuitive. The plugging and unloading is convenient, the collection is convenient, and the assembly with the worktable is very convenient.
If you are looking for high quality acrylic bending machinewith low price, then you can come to us. We have been dedicated to supplying various acrylic bending machine and relative materials for years. The quotation you got is the lowest. You can buy discount products from our factory.
  • Acrylic Plastic Bending Machine
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    Acrylic Plastic Bending Machine

    This acrylic plastic bending machine is professionally anti-corrosive and has a long service life. Its heating temperature can be set according to the material. Using voltage to control the temperature can ensure that the plate is evenly heated, no material is wasted, and it...
  • Automatic Acrylic Bending Machine
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    Automatic Acrylic Bending Machine

    This automatic acrylic bending machine is highly automated. Its folding angle is 0-180°, it can be adjusted manually, and it can be set manually. It is convenient and accurate, and it can guarantee uniform batch processing. In addition, the device also has a heating time...
  • Manual Acrylic Bending Machine
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    Manual Acrylic Bending Machine

    The manual acrylic bending machine can be formed by bending the acrylic sheet by heating and softening the sheet. The device is automatically positioned in an instant by using an advanced infrared heating and water circulation cooling system to accurately position the angle.
  • Automatic Arcylic Bending Machine
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    Automatic Arcylic Bending Machine

    Auto Acrylic Bending Machine 1. The entire angel from 0 to 180 is adjustable. 2.Arc and other angel are available. 3.All the plexigalss and plastic material are available 4.Smooth bending place without overheating or bubbling. 5.Water cooling table. Product Description...
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