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Cutting Plotter

The biggest difference between our machine and the ordinary cutting plotter is that it can cut the inkjet or printed color map along the contour. It supports CorelDRAW software positioning output and supports U disk offline work. It is easy to operate, fast, and precise die-cutting. It is suitable for label and thermal transfer industries.
Performance characteristics:
1. The equipment adopts advanced ARM SOPC controller, high-performance intelligent subdivision driver and good performance chip tantalum capacitor. Advanced scientific production process ensures high quality and high stability.
2. Advanced smooth cutting function and fine and precise steel claw shaft to ensure the accuracy of paper feeding, independent positioning of the operation of the paper roller.
3. The LCD screen makes the plotter running state more intuitive, bright and generous.
4. The imported steel thorn shaft paper feeding system ensures that the long paper does not slip and does not run off.
5. Serial port, USB two transmission methods make the transmission method more user-friendly.
6. Quiet design strengthen the motor damping, reducing operating noise.
This cutting plotter is widely used in the second generation of wall stickers, car stickers, art decoration and other industries. This kind of cutting plotter has the characteristics of low price, easy operation and easy to learn, and is recognized and used by more and more people.
If you are looking for high quality cutting plotter with low price, then you can come to us. We have been dedicated to supplying various cutting plotter and relative materials for years. The quotation you got is the lowest. You can buy discount products from our factory.
  • Artcut Software Free Cutting Plotter
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    Artcut Software Free Cutting Plotter

    The artcut software free cutting plotter is controlled by a computer, and the carving knife can engrave the text and images that have been designed on the computer on the engraved object. The plotter can also be used to cut paper or engrave materials in thin metal.
  • Self Adhesive Vinyl For Cutting Plotter
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    Self Adhesive Vinyl For Cutting Plotter

    The self adhesive vinyl for cutting plotteradopts high-speed servo control and full-range closed-loop positioning. In order to avoid various unexpected situations and to be able to output accurately, this device has a separate output manager that supports automatic background...
  • Servo Cutting Plotter
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    Servo Cutting Plotter

    This Servo Cutting Plotter can be engraved with high precision. Its output speed is fast, the precision is high, and the noise generated during the work is small. It supports U disk direct output, which can be used offline, without even computer operation. This machine is...
  • Stepper Cutting Plotter
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    Stepper Cutting Plotter

    *Cutting head with 4 wheels *Aluminum alloy construction, ABS end caps, welded steel stand *Available with ARM for fully automatic contour *Straight-line Max. Speed: 960mm/s 800mm/s *Curve Max. Speed: 600m/s 300mm/s *Motor & Driver: DC servo / Stepper motor *Motor power:...
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