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ECO/UV Flat Bed Printer

ECO/UV flat bed printer is a device for color photo-level printing on the surface of wood, glass, crystal, PVC, ABS, acrylic, metal, plastic, stone, leather, cloth and other textiles. Universal printer to print patterns. Its printing method is inkjet printing, and there is no actual contact with objects during printing.
It can print on the surface of various materials, such as (glass, soft film, ceiling, steel plate, home appliance panel) and other materials can be printed on the image, is the core of digital printing technology, occupying the characteristics of ordinary uv machine, high Precision, speed, is a substitute for traditional printing.
The UV series is not afraid of water, and the outdoor exposure can reach three years. It not only reduces the production process of the signboard, saves labor, reduces the cost, and increases the service life of the product. It can completely replace the heavy work of attaching flexible prints on rigid media.
1. Simple and convenient operation: This flatbed printer does not require plate making and repeated coloring process, and the operation is simple and easy to maintain;
2. Fast printing speed: it requires low input costs, high-speed printing is fully applicable to industrial mass production;
3. Overcoming material boundaries: This ECO/UV flat bed printer can print any medium within a specified thickness, completely overcoming the traditional printing method that can only use special paper and special specifications. It can use very thin or very thick objects, and its thickness can reach: 0.01mm--200mm.
4. It is not affected by the material of the object: the printer can print the true color graphic of the image on the surface of soft and hard objects such as raw materials and semi-finished products with rich colors.
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  • Small Size ECO Flat Bed Printer
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    Small Size ECO Flat Bed Printer

    The Small Size ECO Flat Bed Printer prints high-precision images onto the surface of the object and prints directly onto media up to 30mm thick. This flatbed printer enables simultaneous printing of multiple images. It saves costs by eliminating the need for plate making.
  • Small Size UV Flat Bed Printer
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    Small Size UV Flat Bed Printer

    The Small Size UV Flat Bed Printer has a compact design and high-end components to ensure long-term stable operation. The built-in integrated motor has the advantages of high response, high positioning accuracy and fast speed. The overall smooth beam has a large lifting...
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