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Flat Bed Cutting Machine

The flat bed cutting machine can be used for both cutting and drawing. It can process a variety of materials with precise performance to meet a variety of industrial needs. It is capable of high precision machining for medium weight materials. At the same time, the flat bed cutting machine is also suitable for presenting your complex and exquisite designs on media such as sticky notes, mask films, foam boards, cardboard, oily boards and sandblasted rubber.
It also supports PLT files in various formats, and software such as AUTOCAD that cannot generate cut lines requires manual extraction of outlines. When the machine is working, first start the exhaust fan to suck the paper on the workbench, then print the graphics and text on it, and finally start the cutting knife to cut the pattern. This cutting machine is fast in speed, high in precision, free of side cutters, and has good cutting effect. It is widely used in clothing, luggage, shoes and hats and other industries.
Compared to friction-driven drum type cutting plotters, flat-plate cutters can use more materials, so the scope of application is broader, such as: store door plate, fluorescent signs, body advertising, sunshade, making personalized T-shirt thermal transfer pattern, packaging design, clothing proofing, mask film, sandblasting rubber template and so on.
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  • Flatbed Cutting Machine
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    Flatbed Cutting Machine

    MTS flat bed cutter Technical Parameneter: Characteristic "*Swiss cutter system make ensure the best resolution for cutter. *Germany camera position system, make position easy to control with high resolution. *Two interchangeable tools, whole sets head design, convenient...
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