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Hot Welding Machine

Hot welding machine is capable of soldering plastic parts through a temperature-controlled heating plate. When welding, the heating plate is placed between two plastic parts. When the workpiece is in close contact with the heating plate, the contact surface of the plastic part begins to melt, and after the pre-set heating time is completed, the plastic to be welded on the workpiece surface will reach a certain degree of melting. At this time, the workpiece leaves the hot plate, and the heating plate is automatically removed, and then the two pieces of the workpiece are quickly combined under the premise of external pressure. When a certain cooling and solidification time and welding depth are reached, the entire welding process is completed.
Our Hot welding machines include hot air welding machines. It is used for the welding of large-scale film products, such as roofing waterproofing membranes, container tarpaulins, light box advertising fabrics, plastic coated fabrics, etc. It adopts advanced hot air welding technology, and the electronic temperature control is continuously adjustable, and the temperature control precision is high, which is especially suitable for continuous use at high temperature. It has a long service life and high reliability. This kind of equipment can adjust the welding pressure according to the thickness of the material, so it is flat, fast, high efficiency, anti-stretching seam of welded joint, unlimited length of weld seam, accurate welding and uniform and firm, can effectively avoid Leakage welding, virtual welding, charring and other issues.
This device is small in size, light in weight and easy to operate. It can realize automatic crawling welding of slope, vertical and inverted suspension. The cylindrical hot air knife is designed to facilitate crawling and welding at the corners, and to dry the water droplets and dust on the surface of the membrane to weld excellent welds even in high humidity environments. Therefore, it is especially suitable for rapid welding construction of large-area tunnel waterproofing membranes.
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  • Hot Air Welding Machine
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    Hot Air Welding Machine

    The Hot Air Welding Machine is designed to weld plastic materials. The automatic welding machine can weld advertising inkjet fabric, inkjet cloth, light box cloth, thick PVC cloth, mesh cloth, tarpaulin and other PVC, PE, DHPE, LDPE, EVA, Pp plastic materials that can be hot...
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