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Ink is a liquid containing a pigment or dye. We offer a variety of inks for printing.
According to the color base powder, it can be divided into dye type ink and pigment type ink. Dye-type inks, which are dye-based inks, are also the inks used in most inkjet printers. The pigment type ink is an ink based on a pigment.
According to the solvent, it can be divided into aqueous ink and oily ink. Water-based printing ink, water-based solvent, water-soluble dye plus glycerin and gum arabic, suitable for rubber and wood printing. This kind of ink is a complete composite solution. The probability of blocking the ink head is very small. It is easy to be absorbed by the material after printing. It is characterized by bright colors, clear layers and low price compared with pigment ink. Therefore, it is a printed picture product and a color inkjet. The preferred product for business cards and other purposes.
Oily printing ink, made of oil-soluble dye or pigment with non-drying oil as solvent, suitable for metal printing. Because it is dried by absorption, it is formulated with vegetable oil or mineral oil, which is particularly useful in the field of cardboard packaging. It is fast drying, so it is more commonly used in industry.
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