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  • Konica Solvent Printer
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    Konica Solvent Printer

    Konica Solvent Printer *Nozzle of KONICA 512 is lined by 360 dpi resolution, which is double of the same products in this industry. *4 heads staggered technology; *2pcs D80 thick rubber rollers feed + balance bar; *Secondary ink tank , ink circuit heating system; *Unique ink...
  • Outdoor Eco Solvent Printer
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    Outdoor Eco Solvent Printer

    Outdoor ECO Solvent Printer Product feature: *The printing quality is competitive to the Japanese eco solvent printers; *Standard double printheads design, double printing speed compared with single printhead; *Automatic feeding and collecting structure; *Two printheads...
  • ECO Flat Bed & Roll Printer
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    ECO Flat Bed & Roll Printer

    ECO Solvent Flat Bed & Roll Printer Roll to Roll & Sheet to Sheet Details Show ECO Solvent Ink 1 L/bottle Application Show CE Certificate/ISO Certificate Exhibition Show Package
  • Indoor Water Based Printer
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    Indoor Water Based Printer

    Indoor water based printer E180 E320 Product feature: *The printing quality is competitive to the Japanese printers; *Standard double printheads design, double printing speed compared with single printhead; *Automatic feeding and collecting structure; *Two printheads design...
  • 1325 Ricoh Head UV Flat Bed Printer
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    1325 Ricoh Head UV Flat Bed Printer

    1225 UV Flat Bed Printer Equipped with imported UV LED lamp, energy saving, environmental protection and longer life Individual ink purge and cleaning function reduce the cost consumption a lot The print speed is up to 24sqm/hour at standard mode for 10 heads/double 5 color...
  • Flatbed Cutting Machine
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    Flatbed Cutting Machine

    MTS flat bed cutter Technical Parameneter: Characteristic "*Swiss cutter system make ensure the best resolution for cutter. *Germany camera position system, make position easy to control with high resolution. *Two interchangeable tools, whole sets head design, convenient...
  • Sublimation Paper Printer
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    Sublimation Paper Printer

    Solution 1.Textile Printer Details Show Exhibition Show 2. Roller type sublimation printing machine
  • Ricoh Sublimation Printer
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    Ricoh Sublimation Printer

    Sublimation Printer *printing speed, quality and stability arecompare favourably with Japanese similar Epson printer,fully guarantee the printing precision and stability by applying high quality aluminum beams,servo motor, stable machine rack *Professional feeding material...
  • Epson T-shirt Printer
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    Epson T-shirt Printer

    Digital T-shirt Printer *This machine adopt TFP micro piezoelectric nozze, 4.2pl variable point drops technology. *Precision can be 1440dpi, printing products can reach level of image, three / two t-shirt can be print one time. *Suitable for small production and much color...
  • A3 T-shirt Printer
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    A3 T-shirt Printer

    A3 T-shirt Flat Bed Printer Product description This machine adopts Epson Stylus Photo 1390 as the main component, the print platform supported by 4 wirerod, can adjust the printing object height to 180mm, can meet any flat object material printing. The highest 5760*1440dpi...
  • Automatic Arcylic Bending Machine
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    Automatic Arcylic Bending Machine

    Auto Acrylic Bending Machine 1. The entire angel from 0 to 180 is adjustable. 2.Arc and other angel are available. 3.All the plexigalss and plastic material are available 4.Smooth bending place without overheating or bubbling. 5.Water cooling table. Product Description...
  • Diamond Polishing Machine
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    Diamond Polishing Machine

    Diamond Polishing Machine Seron-1000 Horizontal Diamond Polishing Machine Description 1.Humanized design, stable performance and practical,simple maintenance. 2.The button panel operation control, simple and convenient 3.convenient and suitable for mass production. 4....
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