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  • Acrylic Bending Machine Manual
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    Acrylic Bending Machine Manual

    acrylic bending machine manual: This is a simple acrylic bending machine with manual. These machines are equipped with upper and lower heaters and can be used with relatively thick materials. You can set the heating temperature and width according to the different thickness...
  • Digital Poster Printing Machine
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    Digital Poster Printing Machine

    This digital poster printing machine is a new type of printing equipment that combines traditional printing technology with digital technology. It can directly print computer files onto clothing, leather, paper and other media. This device simplifies the cumbersome...
  • Digital Flatbed T-shirt Printer
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    Digital Flatbed T-shirt Printer

    The digital flatbed t-shirt printer is designed and produced by us, which limits the intermediate procurement cost. The unique advantages of long-term printing technology development practice enable investors to quickly enter the new digital inkjet printing field and achieve...
  • Large Format Sublimation Printer
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    Large Format Sublimation Printer

    This large format sublimation printer has a large number of semiconductor heating elements, so that the solid pigment can be directly converted into a gaseous state during heating, and it is ejected onto the printing medium. It can print all kinds of patterns in one machine.
  • Acrylic Plastic Bending Machine
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    Acrylic Plastic Bending Machine

    This acrylic plastic bending machine is professionally anti-corrosive and has a long service life. Its heating temperature can be set according to the material. Using voltage to control the temperature can ensure that the plate is evenly heated, no material is wasted, and it...
  • Automatic Acrylic Bending Machine
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    Automatic Acrylic Bending Machine

    This automatic acrylic bending machine is highly automated. Its folding angle is 0-180°, it can be adjusted manually, and it can be set manually. It is convenient and accurate, and it can guarantee uniform batch processing. In addition, the device also has a heating time...
  • Acrylic Diamond Polishing Machine
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    Acrylic Diamond Polishing Machine

    The acrylic diamond polishing machine removes all the sawtooth traces of the plexiglass with a single pass of the device and its edges are bright. Single or multiple pieces can be passed through high precision spring clamps. The pulley automatically adjusts the thickness to...
  • Roll To Roll Uv Coating Machine
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    Roll To Roll Uv Coating Machine

    This roll to roll uv coating machine is specially designed for printing various kinds of coil materials, such as thermal conductive film, PVC, PET, PP, PC and other materials. Each modular machine is self-contained and easy to install, demonstrating good UV coating technology.
  • Large Format Eco Solvent Printer
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    Large Format Eco Solvent Printer

    Our large format eco solvent printers feature high image quality, full functionality, simple and reliable operation, fast print speeds and relatively low operating costs. It uses an Epson DX5 printhead and easy-to-dry ink to speed up printing. The resolution of this machine...
  • Dx5 Print Head Eco Solvent Printer
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    Dx5 Print Head Eco Solvent Printer

    These dx5 print head eco solvent printers with high performance and price ratio can meet the needs of ordinary commercial image output service providers. Environmentally friendly weak solvent inks create a high-end production environment for users.
  • Large Format Printer Spare Parts
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    Large Format Printer Spare Parts

    This large format printer with spare parts uses a high quality printhead. It prints fast and at a low price. It really allows customers to rely on low inputs for high output. In the process of heating the weak solvent printer, the ink droplets will spread to the periphery, so...
  • Direct To Fabric Sublimation Printer
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    Direct To Fabric Sublimation Printer

    This type of direct to fabric sublimation printer primarily transfers pigment to the print media by utilizing thermal energy. It controls the color ratio and shade by the different temperatures adjusted by the semiconductor heating element.
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