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Solvent Printer

Solvent-based printers are designed for outdoor durability. Since the pigment uses a chemical as a solvent, it penetrates into the medium as it impacts the paper. When the solvent is volatilized during heating, the pigment is still retained in the medium, so it is widely used outdoors. In an outdoor environment, you need pigments to be retained for a long time.
This printer protects images from long-term resistance to environmental factors. It has the greatest significance in outdoor printing, such as car wrapping, outdoor stadium marking and other occasions.
Solvent printers have excellent output durability, making these printers ideal for outdoor and indoor applications. This printed product can stand outdoors for more than 3 years without being laminated. Its ink and printhead technology and inkjet capabilities make it impossible to print in other printers.
This type of printer can print outdoor signs, posters, wallpaper, trade exhibition stands and indoor signs and other persistent high resolution, high quality images, so that it can be used in different markets, different sizes of stores, creating a lot of quite standard and characteristic applications. The durability and high quality of solvent printers are easier to achieve when printing in different applications. It is economical and reliable, saving time and resources.
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    Konica Solvent Printer

    Konica Solvent Printer *Nozzle of KONICA 512 is lined by 360 dpi resolution, which is double of the same products in this industry. *4 heads staggered technology; *2pcs D80 thick rubber rollers feed + balance bar; *Secondary ink tank , ink circuit heating system; *Unique ink...
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