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Sublimation Printer

The sublimation printer works by placing solid pigments (called color rolls) of four colors (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black, referred to as CMYK) on a rotating drum. There are tens of thousands of semiconductor heating elements mounted on this drum.
When the temperature of these heating elements is raised to a certain extent, the solid pigment can be directly converted into a gaseous state (the process in which the solid state becomes gaseous without liquefaction is called sublimation, so this printer is called a sublimation printer), and then the gas is sprayed onto the print medium. Each semiconductor heating element can be adjusted to 256 temperatures, which can adjust the proportion and shade of the color to achieve a true-color photo effect of continuous color.
Its printing results in a continuous color scale that is comparable to high-end inkjet photo printers. The smooth transition of picture color is naturally the main feature of its printing. Since the color sublimation printer does not have the problem of ink droplet diffusion, it can achieve good resolution, and its resolution of 300×300 dpi can be compared with the printing precision of 4800×4800 dpi of inkjet printer.
The sublimation printer can print embossing, and the white ink can print the embossed image, so that the color printing pattern is vivid, and the designer has more space to play.
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  • Large Format Sublimation Printer
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    Large Format Sublimation Printer

    This large format sublimation printer has a large number of semiconductor heating elements, so that the solid pigment can be directly converted into a gaseous state during heating, and it is ejected onto the printing medium. It can print all kinds of patterns in one machine.
  • Direct To Fabric Sublimation Printer
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    Direct To Fabric Sublimation Printer

    This type of direct to fabric sublimation printer primarily transfers pigment to the print media by utilizing thermal energy. It controls the color ratio and shade by the different temperatures adjusted by the semiconductor heating element.
  • Epson DX5 Sublimation Printer
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    Epson DX5 Sublimation Printer

    This Epson DX5 Sublimation Printer allows you to create high-precision printed products with limited investment and production space. At the same time, it can also complete batch orders at high speed, bringing you high market competitiveness.
  • Ricoh Sublimation Printer
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    Ricoh Sublimation Printer

    Sublimation Printer *printing speed, quality and stability arecompare favourably with Japanese similar Epson printer,fully guarantee the printing precision and stability by applying high quality aluminum beams,servo motor, stable machine rack *Professional feeding material...
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