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Textile Paper Printer

Textile paper printers refer to various types of sublimation printers, heat transfer machines, and the like.
Sublimation printers can use thermal energy to transfer pigments onto print media. The intensity of each color is controlled by the temperature change of the printhead and can be up to 256 levels. Because the pigment is applied to the paper by the sublimation process, the three primary colors merge to form a continuous color gradation, which is much better than inkjet printing.
The heat transfer machine is the general name of the machine used in the thermal transfer technology. The heat transfer machine includes a heat transfer machine such as a flat heat press machine, a high pressure heat press machine, a shaker heat transfer machine, a baking cup machine, a baking machine, a baking cap machine, and the like.
These machines are capable of printing on a variety of textiles. They have a user-friendly operation panel, so the operation is simple and convenient, and these prints are printed at a high speed and are suitable for mass production.
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  • Sublimation Printer Heat Press Machine
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    Sublimation Printer Heat Press Machine

    The sublimation printer heat press machine can transfer various sizes of pieces and products continuously and conveniently, and can transfer the cloth continuously. It is a practical equipment developed at home and abroad based on the long-term experience of customers and the...
  • Sublimation Paper Printer
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    Sublimation Paper Printer

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