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UV Large Format Printer

The UV large format printer is a high-tech, free-form full-color digital press that is not limited by materials and can be used in T-shirts, sliding doors, cabinet doors, sliding doors, glass, plates, various signs, crystal, PVC, acrylic, metal. Color photo-level printing on plastic, stone, leather and other surfaces. It and the UV glazing process belong to the finishing process of the printed surface, and all have the functions of increasing the surface smoothness and gloss of the printed matter, protecting the printed graphic and improving the product grade.
This type of printer does not require plate making and can be printed at one time. Its color is rich and colorful, wear-resistant, anti-ultraviolet, easy to operate, fast printing image, fully in line with industrial printing standards.
When irradiated by an ultraviolet light source during printing, the UV-curable ink solidifies and adheres to the substrate. The management of the UV light source allows the user to better control the curing process of the ink, which is not possible with water-based inks.
High quality UV large format printers are capable of printing on rigid and flexible materials up to 126 inches (3.2 meters) wide. It can quickly and automatically transfer or semi-automatically transfer materials of different thicknesses and widths, and integrate with a variety of automated finishing equipment (such as cutting plotters) to provide complete service.
The biggest advantage of a UV large format printer is that it allows the ink to dry in an instant, in just 0.2 seconds, without affecting the printing speed. In this way, the speed of the job will be improved, and the output and profit that the printer can bring to you will increase.
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